The Neighborhood

Capitol Hill / Seattle

Pike Street on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill — or “The Hill,” as it is known by locals — got its name from early settlers when it was still the planned site for the Washington state capitol. It was the epicenter of the grunge-rock revolution of the late 80s and early 90s, and home to what is probably Seattle’s largest gay community. As the hub of Seattle’s free-thinking, artistic, open-minded community, the Hill is home to many reputable music venues and bars such as Linda’s, the Cha Cha, Chop Suey, the Hopvine and Neumos. The neighborhood is also home to numerous art galleries, as well as independently-run boutiques, coffee-shops, and theaters.

Located northeast of Downtown, north of the Central District and First Hill, and west of Madison Valley, Capitol Hill encompasses quite a large area. Its commercial and nightlife thoroughfares include Broadway, the Pike/Pine Corridor, and 15th Avenue. There are also several gorgeous parks in Capitol Hill, including Volunteer Park, where you can climb the water tower and get a beautiful view of the surrounding area, or visit the botanical conservatory on the park’s north end.

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