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A Touch of Art

We have, over the years, collected many beautiful things. We hope they enhance your stay at Gaslight Inn. You can click on any image to launch our Gallery showing each piece in it's actual setting and more detailed information.

Warrior Headdress - 1850

Frasier Indian

Magnum Looking Glass - 1998

James Nowak

Frog Bowl - 1994

Nancy Adams

The Circle - 1998

George Bucquet

Folded Fan - 2001

Brad Sills

Purple Tendril Vessel - 2000

Elen Christopherson

Keys to Life - 1999

Colleen Barry

Parsons Table

Mathew Tilton

Ginkgo Vessel - 1996

Marsha Blaker-DeSomma


Karen Mason


Alden Mason

Carnival - 1992

Michael Ehle


Peter Olson

Cobalt Tidepool - 1997

James Nowak

Porcupine Basket - 2000

JoAnne Russo

Urban Decay

Grace Kroft

Ko-Ho-To with hardwood - 1999

David McCarthy

Keys to Life - 1999

Colleen Barry

Venus - 2001

Paul DeSomma

Southwest Indian Pottery

Santa Clara Family Origin

Night Forrest - 1999

Rick Satava

Autumn Seeds - 2000

Akiki Suguyama

The Tropics

Marguerita Hogan

Mount Rainier - 1898

Urban Gray

The Seasons - 1996

Daniel VanZyle